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What you can achieve in one hour of Hypnosis

One hour sandtimer

I thought you might want to know what you can achieve in one hour of Hypnosis, so here we go. When I refer to ‘Hypnotherapy’ here I am talking about the advanced Hypnotherapy I offer, along with other therapies like NLP and tapping. I weave these together in the best way for you so you get the […]

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The real secret to getting motivated

motivated to live your dream

So you want to know the real secret to getting motivated? Like so many secrets to success, its very simple! The real secret to getting motivated is to clear the blocks. Yes that’s it. But let me explain why. Clear your blocks to get motivated Smart people know that Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to achieving the things you want […]

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Why Black Friday won’t make you happy

Woman taking selfie after shopping on Black Friday

Wow, there is a lot of excitement in the air today on this, Black Friday, but here is why Black Friday won’t make you happy. A plethora of good and services Do you like choice? Or does it confuse and overwhelm you? I know for many of my clients they suffer from overwhelm and feel desperate […]

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The secrets of slim people

woman eating Macdonalds chips

If you have ever wondered what the secrets of slim people are, your questions might be answered tonight in a show called ‘The truth about slim people’ The truth about slim people We will get to see how two people; Anne-Marie and Yemi, manage to stay slim despite it seems eating whatever they like, whenever they like. […]

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Why National Stress Awareness Day could save your life

stress ball

I know the title ‘Why National Stress Awareness Day’ could save your life sounds dramatic, but it is true. Stress is called the silent killer According to the World Health Organisation Of the 56.4 million deaths worldwide in 2015, more than half (54%) were due to the top 10 causes. And the top 2 causes for […]

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