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What is the difference between hypnotherapy and mindfulness?

Tibetan singing bowl for mindfulness

I’m often asked about the question ‘what’s the difference between hypnotherapy and mindfulness?’ when I am doing presentations or self-hypnosis workshops. They do have some similarities but really are very different. Although I’m happy to explain the difference, I much prefer to demonstrate and encourage people to have the experience because the practical of both […]

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How to ease anxious thoughts that affect sleep

Man in bed having anxious thoughts

Anxious thoughts that affect sleep are quite common for anxious people. It’s almost like the worries of the day are whizzing around in your mind along with the worries about tomorrow. This can make you feel edgy at bedtime and affect your ability to fall asleep or stay asleep. A good technique for offloading these […]

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Mental health – 10 reasons to talk about it

Mental Health First Aid

Your mental health is the most important thing in your life. Seriously. Losing it could really mess your life up. But like most issues, it really helps as a society to open up more about mental health and support each other. Here are ten good reasons why we should talk about mental health. 1 – […]

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Is it time to work on your mindset and show up for yourself?

Postive Thinking

Have you ever seen someone’s positive mindset in action? A good example of a positive mindset in action is when someone starts taking care of themselves physically. Maybe they lose weight or start exercising. They own it. They start looking and feeling different. They get more confident and start wearing different clothes. They might be […]

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How a self-hypnosis workshop could help you

self hypnosis workshop

You may be curious to find out what self-hypnosis is and you might wonder if it’s something that you could do? Self hypnosis is the ultimate self help tool for dealing with anxiety and depression, releasing worries and negative thinking and working towards your dreams, goals and ambitions in a safe way.  Do you sometimes […]

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What’s the best pain management solution?

best pain management solution for a person in pain

When it comes to pain, and pain management there are some things you need to know before you can choose the right pain management solution. I realise this isn’t the answer you’re looking for, but unless we know what sort of pain you’re experiencing we don’t know if it can respond to the suggested treatments.There […]

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