90 day personal transformation

You can acheive a lot with a 90 day personal transformation program


Do you have a tough personal nut to crack and you feel like you need some support along the way? This may well be the program to help you reach your goal.

Ideal for support during major life events such as a weight loss journey, career change,  seperation/divorce, transition, significant change in circumstances or when you feel that you need some support in your life over a longer period.


Five 1 hour online sessions

90 day personal transformation journal 

Personalised hypnosis recordings

Unlimited text and email support throughout your journey 

Complete transformational results

How do I purchase this package?

The package costs £900 for 5 hours of us working together and everything else that is included depending on your needs. 

I always talk to people before I work with them to make sure we are a good fit and to set us both up for success so please book a free consultation chat first and then I can send you the links to pay and book your sessions.

Where does therapy and coaching take place?

All sessions are held online using zoom. You can find instructions on how to use zoom here It’s very easy 🙂

Will hypnosis be used?

If we agree that hypnosis might be useful for you to try, then yes. But hypnosis does not have to be part of your 90 day transformation program. This is a tailored programme based on your needs. I am an experienced coach, trained in NLP and other techniques as well as hypnosis. p.s. hypnosis is marvelous for goal achievement and changing behaviours though! 

What benefit will I get from the 90 day program?

Whilst my programs are all transformational in their own right (stopping smoking for example is pretty transformational!), over the years, I have noticed that some people ask if I have longer packages or they would like a longer period of support as they heal and grow into their ‘new selves’. This program is to address that need and give you the support of a caring cheerleader in your corner while you make changes or bring your dreams to life.

** short version of benefits. This is a longer program with shorter sessions for people who would like coahcing and support over a longer period of time. 

What makes these services different to counselling, CBT, EFT?

My skills allow me to work with you at a concious level and an unconcious level to help you clear any blocks that might get in the way of you healing, changing and growing. 

When will I start to see changes?

Literally after each session. 

What if I want another session once my package ends?

You can book additional sessions

What do I get with my sessions?

All my clients get everything they need.

Pre appointment advice

Excellent service

Access to ask any questions via email or text

MP3 recordings if appropriate

Access to client resources area after their sessions end

If I have something or know something that will benefit my client, I will share it



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Get your workbook now

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