90 day business transformation

You can acheive a lot with a 90 day business transformation program


Starting or growing a business can be hard work and require a lot of energy. Typically, new entrepreneurs underestimate the size of the task. Especially in today’s digital world, there’s a lot to do and a lot to learn. It often becomes a mindset game!

I designed this program with hypnotherapists and therapists in mind as I see many great therapists not reaching the clients that most need them. This means they don;t make an adequate income from their business and either fold, have to get a job too or can;t invest in high quality training to keep them evolving and best serving their clients.

As I’ve been in business a long time and have a first class honors degree in business and marketing, I am well placed to offer this package.

As well as any mindset work that’s required along the way I can help with business strategy and marketing. I also have agency partners and we offer new websites, social media management and content creation to get your business visable and reaching cleints that need your wonderful products & services!

Five 1 hour online sessions (one strategy creation session, 3 working sessions, one closing measure of success and future planning session). Mindset work will play a big part in the journey, but solid business and marketing strategies are at the core.

90 day business transformation journal

Unlimited text and email support throughout your programme

Ideal for new businesses that want to generate income as quickly as possible or establised businesses that have become stuck or stagnant and business that are ticking over but want more growth and better connection with their customers and prospects. 

20% discount on a new website if you need one 

20% discount on any training courses you book with me while in your 90 programme 

20% off any social media package if you book while in your 90 programme

How do I purchase this package?

The package costs £1999 for 5 hours of us working together and everything else that is included and listed above on this page.

I always talk to people before I work with them to make sure we are a good fit and to set us both up for success so please book a free consultation chat first and then I can send you the links to pay and book your sessions.

Where does therapy and coaching take place?

All sessions are held online using zoom. You can find instructions on how to use zoom here It’s very easy 🙂

Will hypnosis be used?

If we agree that hypnosis might be useful for you to try, then yes. But hypnosis does not have to be part of your 90 day business program. This is a tailored programme based on your needs. I am an experienced coach and trained in NLP and other techniques as well as hypnosis. p.s. hypnosis is marvelous for goal achievement and business mindset though!

What benefit will I get from the 90 day business program?

There are a number of aspects to this program that we use for leverage. You’ll connect deeply to your ‘why’, your reason for starting and working on your business. That why will give you the energy and motivation to create consistent behaviours that support your business. The program has been structured to give you a solid business structure from the ground up so you can continue to build upon that success and ensure you have a steady stream of clients.

** short version of benefits. This is a 90 program for you to get clear on your business and how you serve your clients and then implement solid business and marketing into your business. 

When will I see a return on my investment?

You will be implementing changes in your business after the first session with me and so the return of investment can be quite fast.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes you can

What if I want another session once my package ends?

You can book additional sessions

What do I get with my sessions?

You will get everything they need.

Pre appointment advice

Excellent service

Access to ask any questions via email or text

MP3 recordings if appropriate

If I have something or know something that will benefit my client, I will share it 


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