I use the word ‘depressed’ in a light sense here because it’s what people say when they don’t feel ok. But of course there are varying degrees of depression. Some people dip in and out of depression over the course of their lives and others maybe have it once or twice. If you never feel depressed in your life you are an exception.

But some people are uncomfortable with the word ‘depressed’ and would not like to openly say that’s how they feel. As a society we need to change this because 1 in 3 people will feel depressed in their lives and everyone will not feel ok at least once in their lifetime.

Maybe we need a new word or phrase for depressed! How about:

  • Energy negative
  • Low on beans
  • Flattened
  • Iced over

Find the pearls

Even if you don’t like the word or consider yourself to feel ‘depressed’, you would probably welcome some ways to feel better about yourself from time to time. Here are some ideas.

1 – Help someone. This doesn’t have to be a lot of effort but it will have a big impact on your self esteem. It could be as simple as sending someone an article you have seen that you know would appeal to them maybe for their hobby or job.

2 – Make something. You could cook something, or design something or write a letter or poem. The positive energy that flows when we are creative feels good. The secondary gain is that you have something at the end of it to eat, use or read.

3 – Take time to listen to someone properly. Really listen. Hear the subtle words that they use that tell you how they are really feeling. Take an interest in them. When we feel low, we turn our attention inwards. By turning your attention outwards you will be reminded that everyone has their problems, everyone needs support and everyone has something to offer the world. Including you 🙂

4  – Do some reflection. Look back on old photos and notice how fluid your life is. There will be happy times, times of doubt, times of change, times of adventure. Remember that you have survived everything that has happened to you so far and you will have the highs again. Pick a happy photo of you and display it somewhere. That is the same you as now.

5 – Plan something. We love to imagine, to visualise. It excites and interests our minds. Maybe you can plan a holiday or trip. Or changes to your home. Or a way to treat yourself or to learn something new. This is a world of possibility. A world in your fingertips on a keyboard (ok, or smartphone). There are millions of adventures you could take, some expensive, some free. alone or with others. Near or far. The world really is your oyster.


Your feel better list

Write a list of ways you could make yourself feel better when you are not ok. Try and make them simple because keeping it simple is less overwhelming. Look at it when you feel low to remember there are always different ways to feel. 



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