Healthy eating Day 12 – Guest blogger Judi May. don’t shoot the pescatarian

Today’s guest blogger is Judi May, a Reiki master teacher at Reiki Mastership from Nottingham.

Don’t shoot the pescatarian

proud pescatarian

Phase 1:

I became a vegetarian at the age of 7, I loved animals. We had all sorts: dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs, rabbits and fish, even a stick insect, so in my 7 year old wisdom I decided I couldn’t eat any of them anymore.

Then things changed, I discovered J dating. In my 20s, going out to restaurants became a bit of a challenge, as I quickly discovered if you didn’t like omelette you were left trying to make bread and tomato sauce dinners!

Phase 2:

I began to eat fish and then chicken and my world opened up. I ate like this until last year when I became more aware of the negative effects of meat, dairy and wheat on my body, so I cut out chicken, then dairy from cows, wheat gluten and some fish.

So, what is my label? I personally don’t want to be labelled, I want to eat mackerel sometimes, have a goats’ cheese salad or a wholemeal sandwich if I’m offered. If I’m out for dinner and someone orders a steak I don’t whip out my balaclava and AK47, we should all choose to eat what we wish and not be judged.

Now we get to the question:

It’s possibly easier to say I’m a vegetarian, vegan or a gluten-free consumer but much more difficult to explain how I eat. Surely you should be able to eat how you want without being criticised or judged.

Whether you eat beef, but not pork; fish, but not lobster; goats’ cheese, but not cows’ cheese; or if you’ve been a vegetarian for 20 years but have decided it no longer suits you, your body or ethics, etc, then you should be able to do that.

I don’t have a title for the way I eat: the way I eat is perfect for me and my family and I’m sure I will tweak and change it even more over the next few years as my knowledge and choices increase and change. So don’t shoot the part-veggi-part-vegan-part-gluten-free, we’re all just trying to find the best way to live at this moment in time.

So what do I eat?

Well here are a couple of meals that I have. Chickpea coconut curry and cauliflower pizza with salad. Both of these meals are vegan.

cauliflower pizza thumbnail_20160823_115644


A note from Honey….

Thank you Judi for sharing your thoughts on not judging other’s diet choices.

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See you tomorrow.

Healthy hug 🙂



Honey Lansdowne is a successful Hypnotherapist in Worthing. She uses Hypnosis, NLP and 20 years coaching experience to help people overcome anxiety and depression in person and online.

  • judi may says:

    Recipe for above chickpea coconut curry:
    Red Thai paste:
    2 tsp each cumin and coriander seeds [or powder]
    6 birds eye chillies, roughly chopped
    1 tbsp paprika
    3 lemongrass stalks roughly chopped
    4cm ginger chopped
    6 kaffir leaves fresh or dried
    2 shallots chopped
    5 gloves garlic chopped
    1 tsp himalayan salt

    stalks from 80g bunch fresh coriander 2 tbsp sunflower oil
    in a pestle and mortar grin cumin and coriander seeds to a powder
    then add the rest of the ingredients and whizz to a smooth thick paste
    put in plastic bag and keep in the fridge for upto 2 months


    1 whole cauliflower
    1 sweet potato
    2 white potatoes
    2 carrots
    1 Courgette
    4 mushrooms
    1 onion
    6 garlic gloves
    6 finger chillies
    1 celery of stick
    I can of chickpeas
    1 can of coconut milk
    Coconut oil 1 tbps
    I inch of ginger
    1 vegetable stock cube
    1 1/2 pints of water
    Himalayn salt
    Fresh black pepper
    Coriander bunch
    Part boil the cauliflower sweet potato and carrot
    For 6/7 mins
    Also part boil separate the white potato. ..
    In another pan add coconut oil and gently sweat / fry about 2 tbps of paste
    Then add onion chilli ginger celery and lastly garlic cook for 3/4 mins really low…
    Then add chopped mushrooms & Courgette stir and cook for 3/4 mins then add coconut milk and stock also the hot water ( from boiling the veg) with the veg stock cube in ..add carrot cauliflower chickpeas sweet potato salt pepper bring to the boil then simmer for 20/30 mins ..leave to cool for 5/10 mins add salt to taste
    When the white potato has boiled for 7/8 mins remove and
    fry them in coconut oil until golden and serve on top of the curry with the chopped coriander leaves…. hope I haven’t missed any thing! ..

  • Jacque says:

    Iove curry. I will give this a try.

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