Are you a woman that needs some help to calm your thoughts? 

You probably wish that negative chatter in your head and the worry could just go away on it's own. 

Your negative thinking can really make you feel lonely and lost.

I help woman get in control of their thinking so they can feel better, have more energy and feel happier in themselves.  

Maybe you've been fed up and stuck for a little while or maybe you've had an undercurrent of feeling unhappy in yourself for many years. If this is the case for you, the likelihood is that your mind has picked up some negative emotions and limiting beliefs.

I can help you release negative thoughts and all the things that make you feel bad about yourself, in just four hours of working together online. You will feel like a new woman at the end of the programme. 

 I promise you you have all the answers inside you.

You are strong enough, you can be at ease in yourself and you are worthy of the happiness that you seek.

Honey Lansdowne Self Discovery Coach.

My name is Honey Lansdowne and I’m a self discovery coach (which is a blend of coach and therapist) who specialises in helping women with self discovery and personal development so they can really feel themselves.

My approach is all about taking you on a journey so you can heal, grow and be able to live your life in way where you feel free to be you.

I offer an effective online therapy service, which is perfect for busy women who want to feel better and stronger.

How to overcome anxious thoughts and feelings of sadness and change the way you feel about yourself.  

Over the years I've helped a lot of women who had anxiety and depression in varying degrees. We all experience anxious states and low mood, it's part of being a human being. But for some women, this negative thinking affects the way they think and feel about themselves which stops them feeling happy and fulfilled. Many people with unsettled minds feel they are different to everyone else and that no one understands them. 

Negative thinking can become a habit and feel difficult to stop on your own.  

Addictive behaviours creep in as a way of trying to make ourselves feel better. Drinking, smoking, shopping, relationships, overworking, overeating are some of thing we do to 'self sooth'.

But the true sense of comfort is already inside you. You just need to unlock it. 

Every problem is a thinking problem. And as we are the ones doing the thinking that means it always start with us. Which is good news, because out of all the things we have control over in the world, our mind is really the only thing we really can control.

Your 'self' is with you for your whole life. By understanding yourself and your thinking better, you really can change your life in every imaginable way. If you have an emotional problem, business problem, parenting problem or relationship problem - it's all about you. 

Personal development and self discovery give you the greatest growth and opportunties for a happier life.

This is where I come in with a simple three step coaching programme that helps you heal what needs to be healed for you to be able to grow into your true self and be the woman you are meant to be. A happy, contented woman. A woman who is at peace with herself and able to go about each day with good feelings. A woman that is confident that no matter what, she can ret connect to her inner self and weather any storm and come out the other side ok (maybe if her hair is a little messed up).  

So if you feel:

  • Anxious with an unsettled mind
  • Like you have too much to do and still feel guilty when you don't finish it all
  • Unable to stay calm when you feel under pressure
  • Not able to stop and take back control
  • Ashamed that you are experiencing anxiety and depression
  • Scared of making mistakes
  • Uncertain of how to deal with stress, anxious thoughts or panic attacks
  • Unable to 'switch off'
  • Like you are in a rut
  • That your life lacks meaning, direction or purpose
  • You don't know who you are 
  • Depressed and sad
  • Stuck in the past, reliving traumas and sad events
  • Like part of you is missing
  • You just want to feel ok deep inside yourself

then text, call or book a free call now, let's chat and see how we can get you feeling good and back in control. 

Woman feeling relief from anxiety and depression

Imagine a life where:

  • You feel calm and in control
  • You really know who are you
  • You are happy and content
  • You've let the past go 
  • Your life has purpose

Online therapy with me is easy!

Honey Lansdowne Hypnosis trainer.


Online therapy for women with anxiety and depression

21 Day Wellbeing Challenge

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