I help women take control of their thoughts and emotions, so they don’t have to worry and feel bad. You can be more in control and more confident. 

Negative self talk ends here.

I help women like you overcome that voice in your head that says ‘you’re not good enough’, ‘you can’t do it’ and ‘you don’t fit in’. You really can live a great life and be happy as you.

Hi. My name is Honey Lansdowne and I’m an experienced online coach and therapist.

After years of helping women overcome anxiety and depression I realised that what it all comes down to, is the way we feel about ourselves deep down.

My approach now is to take you on a journey of self discovery. Where you can heal the hurts of the past and you’ll feel excited about growing into a more confident version of yourself. You’ll be able to live your life in way where you feel safe and free to be you.

This takes us two sessions of two hours online.

Anxiety, depression, stress, low self esteem, lack of confidence and feeling lost are all just symptoms of not being aligned with your true self.

Claim your personal power. Feel confident, calm and connected. Love yourself and love your life.

You really can 🙂

Free Self-Care Planner

Self-care can sound a bit fluffy, but it really is the start of saying yes to yourself.

Yes, to wanting some time for you. To do things that you want to do. Things that make you feel rested, valued, whole.

Yes to proper time out where you might read, sleep, walk or sort out the apps on your phone 🙂

Yes to setting boundaries where you say ‘no, I am not free to do that then’.

Yes to making time to eat healthy food that makes you feel good.

You get the idea don’t you?

This self care planner will really help you to make yourself a priority, so that you have enough energy for all the other people and demands life naturally brings.

By saying yes to yourself, you’ll be surprised in how many way this feels better.

Free self care planner

How I work with you

Self Discovery coaching with me is a blend of coaching and therapies I have learnt over twenty years. My main therapies are NLP, hypnosis, tapping, RTT and coaching.

My clients are women who are open to personal development and keen to harness the power of their own minds.

These women go on to get the job, find the love, grow their business, lose weight, love themselves, self-care and one even climbed a mountain.

I help you feel good inside so those horrible feelings of self doubt, sadness, worry and fear go away.

Other ways to work with me


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