Make the change you long to make

Hypnotherapy and coaching that will impact every area of your life

Make the change you long to make

Hypnotherapy and coaching that will impact every area of your life

Imagine yourself 21 days from now….

Sleeping better, eating better, feeling better and people asking what your secret is! You can make real changes to your health in just 21 days for free. Sign up now.

Are you ready for change? 

My name is Honey Lansdowne and I’m a Hypnotherapist in Worthing, West Sussex, with 20 years coaching experience.

I can help you create deep changes and overcome anxiety and depression, stop smoking or lose weight in just 4 hours of working together.

If you are tired of feeling tired then sign up for my Wellbeing Challenge will give you more energy to enjoy life. 


Stop avoiding situations because you are scared of your anxiety and get back control of your life. 


Get back enthusiasm for life and feel naturally happier. This unique 4 hour therapy works!

Stop Smoking

Hypnosis is the easy way to stop smoking - for good. One session and you are a non smoker.

Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy helps you lose weight in a healthy way and love your body more. 


Are you are fed up of missing out on opportunities? Then come and build your confidence!

Life Coaching

If you're thinking 'is this all there is to life?' then coaching will change your view completely.


This revolutionary methodology  is sweeping the world. Get help for fibromyalgia, M.E and C.F.S


Its not easy being a teen in the modern world! Gentle sessions for increasing teen self-esteem & confidence. 

How can I help?

If you want to know how does hypnosis work? Or what is hypnotherapy? Or what are hypnosis benefits or techniques then I will happily answer those questions for you.

Or if you want to find out how I can help you get free of anxiety and depression and get your life back, please do get in touch. 

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The Life Spa is everything you need to live a good life in one place


21 Day Wellbeing Challenge

Are you missing out on life because you are tired, stressed or emotional? I have just the thing for you. Join the FREE 21 Day Wellbeing Challenge which will help you sleep better, eat better, feel more relaxed and really help you enjoy life more. Start feeling better straight away by signing up now. 

Fantastic See You In The Challenge