I help women find freedom from anxiety and depression.

Are you fed up with anxious thoughts and feelings or low mood stopping you from having a 'normal' day?

Maybe you're starting to feel like there is something wrong with you? 

Then you are in the right place. If you are looking for a different strategy to councelling or CBT to help you feel more balanced, you will find something here that helps you.

Honey Lansdowne Hypnotherapy and Self Discovery Coach.

My name is Honey Lansdowne and I’m an experienced therapist who provides online therapy, downloads and courses for anxiety and depression. 

My approach is all about creating change in the way that you feel, so that you actually feel different.

You can talk about issues all day long and talking certainly has a place, but most people with anxiety and depression want to feel different.

Because life really is too short to spend the time you could be feeling good, feeling bad.  

My proven treatment is suitable for adults and teenagers and I guarantee you'll start to feel better after your first session online.

Are many days difficult for you? 

Much of your time is spent worrying about what might happen or what has happened. And that means that you find it difficult to enjoy your life and the people in it.

You are distracted by your thinking and sometimes you feel like there is nowhere you belong.

You may feel:

  • Anxious with an unsettled mind
  • Overwhelmed
  • Like you have too much to do and still feel guilty when you don't finish it all
  • Unable to stay calm when you feel under pressure
  • Like you are on the 'hamster wheel' of life and never able to stop and take back control
  • Ashamed that you are experiencing anxiety and depression
  • Scared of making mistakes
  • Uncertain of how to deal with stress, anxious thoughts or panic attacks
  • Unable to 'switch off'
  • Tired from being hyper alert from anxious thoughts and feelings
  • Afraid
  • Like you are in a rut
  • That your life lacks meaning, direction or purpose
  • You don't know who you are 
  • Depressed and sad
  • Stuck in the past, reliving traumas and sad events
  • Like part of you is missing
  • Unable to create or maintain the relationships you crave

And feeling this way is tiring. And when you feel tired, the smallest of things can cause irrational thinking and stop you doing very much at all. Your life is on hold.

Strategies become part of life


You may have a strategy for avoiding social events.

One for hiding anxiety at work.

You have rituals and routines to protect yourself 'just in case'.

You have a lot of excuses at the ready in case people ask difficult questions.

You organise everything. And that's stressful but it helps you feel safe and prepared. 

But despite all that planning, sometimes you get caught out and you suffer an 'episode' or difficult period. 

You crave a balanced mind. 

You want a new normal.

Imagine if you could live a better life, with a clearer mind and less worry and sadness. A life where you had energy to do things and were not afraid to do them.

Imagine a life where:

You didn't need a plan to avoid anxiety triggers and social events

  • Your hands didn't sweat and your heaat race at even the thought of a situation that made you anxious 
  • You had confidence to do the most simple of things 
  • Your family felt like they had you back
  • And you could just feel ok deep inside yourself

Your mental health is very valuable 

Many people feel embarassed or ashamed talking about their mental health. Especially if they are experiencing an issue like depression or anxiety.

And yet one in five people are experiencing anxiety and depression right now. Nearly half of people with anxiety also have depression. And they could be feeling much better with just a little help. 

Many people are in a' loop' of feeling anxious or depressed until they just know they feel rubbish. They live treading on egg shells, worried about the next panic attack or black dog visit. 

Do you want a new normal?

I would love to help you connect to your natural inner sense of wellbeing and resilience.

I will work with you to change the patterns of your thoughts and feelings and create a new normal. You may be surprised at how uncovering the power of your unconious mind can change your life is so many ways and make you feel more you. A you that can copy with life and situations as they arise. A you that can go out without fear and had more balanced thoughts and feelings so that you feel so much better.

Without the baggage of the past and the worry of the future you can be content with  yourself the way things are and you will notice that as your inner world changes, so does the world around you.

How can I help?

You or your teen may have had these anxious or depressed feelings for a while, but hoped they would go away.

Finding the right therapist can be a daunting task. 

Maybe you've tried some therapy, CBT or counselling but you still don't feel ok. 

Or maybe you are on an NHS waiting list and you know you need confidential help sooner.

Or you are worried about people knowing that you've had help and you are looking for private support.

This therapy is a natural remedy to anxiety and depression.

You know you need help, but it seems difficult to know what to do next or which therapist to choose. I offer online therapy for anxiety and depression.

Let me guide you through overcoming anxiety and depression. You will address root causes, do some self-discovery and learn quick and easy techniques.

My unique guarantee is that you'll start to feel better from your first session.


21 Day Wellbeing Challenge

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