Hi, I’m Honey Lansdowne, hypnotherapist & hypnosis trainer. 

I see clients in Worthing, West Sussex, Central London & online.

I offer hypnosis training from fully certified to advanced techniques in person (in West Sussex & Central London) & online. 

Also, hypnotherapy supervision & business coaching. 

I find hypnosis to be the golden ticket to helping people change.

Over the years, I’ve specialised in matters close to my heart; anxiety & depression, addictions (smoking, vaping, sugar), weight loss, chronic fatigue, teens, childhood issues and inner child healing, trauma healing, confidence, self esteem, ADHD.

I’ve always enabled self discovery in the areas of self awareness, self compassion, self expression, self identity & self acceptance.

But really, my specialism is hypnosis. The use of hypnotherapy is what helps you heal & solve your problem.

Therapy for anxiety & depression

Therapy for anxiety & depression

Feelings of anxiety & depression can bring your life down or to a stand still. This 4 hour hypnotherapy package guarantees that you’ll calm anxious thoughts & feelings and feel lighter and brighter.

Therapy for self esteem & confidence

Therapy for self esteem & confidence

Maybe you have never felt confident and know you have low self esteem but it’s hard for you to untangle & heal the root cause. Or maybe your self esteem & confidence have slipped away and you want them back!

Self discovery coaching

Self discovery coaching

Self discovery uncovers the who in you. Who are you, what are your core values? What makes you happy? Learn how to fully connect to your truest self and practice self compassion, self expression and self acceptance.

Hypnotherapy for stop smoking & vaping

Stop smoking or vaping

When you use hypnotherapy to stop smoking or vaping, you are using your whole mind. Will power only uses about 10%! Quit for good without cravings or putting on weight.

ADHD coaching

ADHD coaching for women

It's great that there is more awareness of ADHD now, but there isn't much support on how to thrive with ADHD.  If you've been diagnosed or not, I designed this ADHD coaching from therapeutic experience & specialised academic training in this field.

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)

Rapid Transformational Therapy Ⓡ (RTT)

RTTⓇ uses regression to help you uncover the root cause of why you feel the way you do.  You'll discover the origin of the beliefs and behaviors that have led to your issue. With inner child healing you can transform move forward with new beneficial beliefs.

How we work together

1 – Book a free discovery call with me so we can discuss your needs. There is absolutely no obligation on you in any way to work or train with me. I only work with people 121 after a call.

2 – After your call, I will send you all the information you need. 

3 – You’ll attend your session/s or training at the agreed time. 

4 – After your hypnotherapy treatment or training has finished, I’ll send you the follow up resources that are best for you.

5 – You’ll remain on my email list as long as you choose to. I’ll send you free gifts, useful content & discounts.

You’ll encouter a therapuetic journey of self discovery

I work with most people for two sessions of two hours each. I use a blend of transformational therapies that are right for you including hypnosis, NLP, RTT and coaching. 

Free self-confidence coaching planner – grow your confidence in 5 days

This confidence coaching planner gives you a foolproof way to grow your confidence over 5 days through a series of simple exercises and techniques.  

Hypnosis works 

Hypnosis works because it works with your subconcious  mind. The greater part of your mind where your beliefs, experiences and emotions are held.

Because your brain takes in a lot of information, it stores it all in the subconcious & files it away in categories, in an abstract way. Habits, behaviours & emotions happen on autopilot. 

Hypnosis is an effective way to sort out things in the unconcious mind (because that’s where the problem is).

Clients are often amazed at how powerful and how easy change can be with hypnosis. It’s not scary, difficult or magic. It’s just a way of utilising your incredibly smart subconcious mind to make positive lifestyle changes. 

Could you benefit from working with me? 

My typical client is a woman between 30 and 60 and has been struggling with how she feels about herself for a while, sometimes her whole life. She’s smart and has a lot going for her, but she struggles with relationships, organisation and often food and feelings. She feels like she isn’t at good as other people. She probably had a family issue growing up. On a bad day she doubts herself massively.  

There’s that negative voice in her head that says nasty things to her. It sabotages her attempts of increasing her self-esteem and self-confidence. If only that voice would go away!

I think all therapists are self-esteem therapists in a way, but I’ve always had the knack of being able to see the good in people that they don’t see themselves. I feel truly blessed to be able to work with and support women to help them understand and accept themselves so they feel more confident. I call this work self discovery.

After years of helping people feel better, change habits and heal emotions, I realised that what it all comes down to is the way we feel about ourselves deep down inside.

Self discovery helps you focus on your own unique story that brought you to where you are today. You’ll understand why your behaviours, habits, reactions and words, reactions and self image are as they are. Quite often this subconcious programming started in childhood and there is healing and personal development work needed to find your self compassion.

The women I work with come to realise that happiness is an inside job. When you invest in personal development, you open the door to higher self-esteem and self-confidence and release insecurity, worry and self doubt. 

Working with me, you’ll heal the mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and soul hurts of the past. You can grow into the new version of yourself, free and happy.

Anxiety, depression, low self esteem and lack of confidence are symptoms of not being aligned & in tune with your natural true self.

Your true self is calm, connected, confident and has clarity and creativity to live life and love life.

Honey has helped me get through some deep routed issues by retraining my subconscious mind and given me tools to use myself to sort out negative thoughts which can cause real issues in daily life. Her voice is soothing and I cherish the recordings I have from our sessions. She came recommended to me and I would definitely recommend her too.


I sought Honey’s help to increase my self-confidence & self-esteem.

I tried all sorts of things to be more confident. I read books, I watched videos, I listened to podcasts – I felt better for a day or two before going back to being a ball of nerves around people I was really fed up.

The transformation & impact this had on my life is priceless. I can now be around people & feel at ease & even make conversation without feeling sick or the need to hide.

I cannot recommend hiring Honey enough. She’s super caring, friendly & professional.


I take part in Honey’s monthly online women’s group. She is absolutely fantastic and provides lots of really useful information, meditations, and really cares about people. I’ve also had hypnotherapy with Honey and found it to be a really useful and positive experience. Thank you Honey.


The National Hypnotherapy Society Hypnotherapist and Hypnotherapy Training Honey Lansdowne

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